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Best time to travel to Grand Canyon


Spring is the prime time to see Grand Canyon in bloom

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Spring adds colours to the Grand Canyon—yellow, purple, red, magenta, and white. The whole area in the inner part of the canyon bursts into flowers as soon as the snow melts. The first flowers appear in March and blooming continues well into May. The intensity of vegetation largely depends on the watering the land receives after the snowmelt—thus some years may be more vibrant, while others are less.

Grand Canyon landscapes are famous for colourful drought-tolerant cacti but not only; in fact, local fauna counts the total of 1,500 different species of vascular plants. Some are particularly common around the Colorado River. Brittlebush, for instance, is one of the most frequently spotted. In case of a wet winter, it thrives on dry rocky slopes in March and April. Splendid purplish-blooming Redbud Trees and bright red Ocotillo occupy the riverbanks in April and May.

All in all, spring is the finest time for wildflower viewing, particularly the month of April. However, some flowering also takes place in the summer and autumn.

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