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Best time to visit Greenland


While hiking the monumental landscapes​ of Greenland you can truly experience the smallness and temporality of being human


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Greenland is huge, around the size of Western Europe, but 85% of its surface is covered with ice and snow all year round. Such conditions, being surrounded by ice and water, really radiate a genuine feeling and even smell of the Arctic​. This frosty and raw smell makes hiking in Greenland especially pleasant. There's absolutely no trouble with finding a route for hiking or trekking since there's a great system of trails, especially in the South. The towns are small, surrounded by natural landscapes, so short one-day hikes are possible. Longer hikes between towns are also possible—like Sisimiut and Kangerlussuaq along the Arctic Circle Trail. The diverse scenery of valleys, lakes, and hills is quite spectacular. The eastern part of Greenland is great for mountain hiking thanks to some high mountains with dramatic views. The mountain air is so dry and clear that you can see quite far and experience the enormity of this island first-hand. The best time for hiking and trekking is usually between June and September, but August is especially great because there are fewer mosquitos too.

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