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Queen Conch Season

How about a salad with valuable marine mollusc?


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Queen Conch primarily inhabits clear waters with rubble or sandy sea floors overgrown with algae and seagrass. However, rocks and coral reefs are not improbable habitats. The Queen Conch can be found in a broad spectrum of depths. Some of them even occur up to 100 m deep.

All parts of the conch meat are edible. When in season, it is often added cooked or raw in salads as well as in gumbos, chowders, burgers, and fritters. Meanwhile, conch shells can be used as wind instruments, decorative planters, and in cameo making.

And let's not forget about the pearls! Orange, brown, and white pearls from the queen conch are rare and occur in a range of hues. But pink is the most common to be discovered.

The geographic distribution of Queen Conch, as one of the six species of Strombidae family, extends from Florida throughout the Caribbean and into the northern coast of South America to Brazil.

The best time to enjoy fresh Jamaican conch is April to August, which is outside the conch close season running September through to February or March.