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Solo Batik Carnival 2020

The colourful festival celebrates Indonesian culture and heritage


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Indonesian batik was recognised by UNESCO as a Masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. It is a unique hand-made dyeing technique that can turn clothes into works of art. The Solo Batik Carnival was launched in 2008 in Solo City (Surakarta City) in Central Java to showcase batik and other elements of Indonesian culture.

The carnival culminates with the parade where models show off colourful costumes made with traditional batik technique. Indonesian dances are also performed and visitors are able to learn a lot about the local culture.

Batik is deeply rooted in Indonesian heritage. Its traditional colours of dark brown, white, and blue symbolize the main Hindu gods. The patterns of batik have many symbols and codes, revealing the royal lineage of the person wearing it.

Different regions of Indonesia have their own unique patterns—floral, plant, folk, etc.—they usually reflect themes from local life.

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