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Best time to visit Los Angeles


Whether you are a professional surfer, an advanced rider, or a complete beginner, surfing in Los Angeles will be an unforgettable life experience

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Surfing is the favourite sport of locals in LA. So take a surfboard and feel the California waves. Beginners often start with Santa Monica. The waves are not too big and there are many surfing schools.

Zuma Beach offers a large number of peak waves for everyone. Known for its crystal clear waters, Zuma is an ideal place for any level surfer. Malibu is an icon of surfing with its point-breaks and relaxed atmosphere, 30 km of sand and waves to ride. A true paradise for longboarders.

Topanga and Venice Beach are classic California surf spots, however, also crowded. Venice Beach has a 4-km boardwalk filled with locals and tourists, and there might even be potential sponsors watching.

Manhattan Beach is an excellent choice for experienced surfers. If you are looking for a big wave in Los Angeles, then driving 3-meter waves is what you need. Surfing in Los Angeles wouldn't be complete without a session at Redondo Beach—the place where surfing competes with beach volleyball. Hermosa Beach also offers nice opportunities. A statue of a surfer next to the pier can be a source of inspiration.

The best swell comes during the colder season, namely fall and winter (September–February). As to the water temperature, it's fairly cold all year round.

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