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Jurassic​ Park with Lemurs in Madagascar

Canyons of Isalo conceal turquoise pools, beautiful frogs, colourful birds and dormant lemurs.

Jurassic​ Park with Lemurs
Jurassic​ Park with Lemurs
Jurassic​ Park with Lemurs
Jurassic​ Park with Lemurs

The Isalo National Park is well-known for its Jurassic scenery: sandstone formations riven by numerous gorges and canyons, fire-resistant forests, palm-lined oases, several natural pools and large grassland areas. The park’s highlight are 14 lemur species, some of them active during the day, and some nocturnal. One of them is an extremely cute grey mouse lemur, that sleeps in a tree hole to restore energy before the breeding season.

The dormancy time varies from one day to a few months between April and October. Canyon des Singes and Canyon des Rats lead to the tranquil refreshing turquoise natural pools which are the favourite places of Benson’s Rock Thrush, an amiable blue-orange plumed bird. A beautiful Malagasy rainbow frog has an unusual colouring that is different at day and night. Among 340 plant species, the most noted are elephant’s foot plant, growing in the sunny and stony areas. One may be exploring rich nature of Isalo for days and weeks. The best time to visit the site is October ​since most lemurs give birth by the end of the month and this is also the breeding season for most birds.

Practical info

When is the ideal time to visit Isalo National Park if you want to explore nature?

To explore nature in Isalo National Park, the best time to visit is from mid-September to October. During this period nature is in full bloom, with lemurs giving birth and birds breeding. The temperature during this time is mild and comfortable, with a cooler climate that makes exploring the park more enjoyable and helps with hydration. Show more

What is the dormant period of the grey mouse lemur in Isalo National Park?

The dormant period of the grey mouse lemur in Isalo National Park falls between April and October and can range from one day to a few months. During this period, lemurs spend most of their time in tree holes, conserving energy. The best time to spot them is during the breeding season from mid-September to October. Show more

How many natural pools can be found in Isalo National Park?

Isalo National Park boasts several natural pools, including the highly-visited Canyon des Singes and Canyon des Rats. These canyons lead to turquoise natural pools set amidst verdant vegetation. Visitors can choose to take a refreshing dip while watching the Malagasy rainbow frog, which is distinct in its coloration. Show more

What sets the Malagasy rainbow frog apart, and when is the best time to view its unique coloration?

The Malagasy rainbow frog, also known as the painted mantella, has color-changing abilities throughout the day. During the day, it features bright yellow and black stripes, but at night, it turns black and white. The best viewing times for its unique markings are either early in the morning or late in the afternoon when visibility is clearer. Show more

Which bird species frequents the natural pools, and what is unique about its plumage?

Benson's rock thrush is known to frequent the natural pools in Isalo National Park. This bird boasts beautiful amiable blue-orange plumage that stands out against the park's rocky surroundings. They have a melodious song used to communicate with other birds and mark their territory, making them distinctive. They can be best seen during the breeding season between mid-September and October. Show more

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