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Maine Marathon 2023

One of the most beautiful races in New England

Maine Marathon, as well as half marathon and marathon relay, take place every October in Portland, Maine. It is known for its scenic out-and-back course that includes the Back Cove, Casco Bay, rolling hills and gorgeous autumn foliage. Maine Marathon is certified by USATF. It is a qualifier for the Boston Marathon. Maine Marathon originated from the 1978 event called the Casco Bay Marathon.

Maine Marathon course starts and finishes along the Back Cove of Portland at Baxter Boulevard, between Preble Street and Forest Avenue. The races start at 7:45 am. The course starts flat, then it has a challenging middle section going up the coast to Yarmouth and back along the scenic Back Cove for a flat-leveled finish. Runners will pass Mackworth Point and cross the Martin Point Bridge twice.

The course features many spectator spots along Route 88. One spot is at the corner of Depot Rd. and Route 88 in Falmouth. Parking is available at Wal-Mart or another shopping center on Route 1. Another spot is at Route 88 and Tuttle Rd. in Cumberland. Friends and families of the runners can also enjoy many Portland's breweries, cafes, restaurants, and Old Port shops.

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