Best time to visit Mallorca

Boating and Yachting around Mallorca

Feel the wind in your hair, while a luxury yacht crosses the waves of the Balearic Sea

Best time: April–October

Boating and Yachting around Mallorca
Boating and Yachting around Mallorca
Boating and Yachting around Mallorca

Mallorca can be a great place for active leisure. If one dreams of spending several months at sea on a yacht, the city of Palma is a perfect place to start from.

Every year starting in March yacht crews launch recruitment for new members. After several weeks of training, they depart from nearby ports and head towards picturesque tourist destinations. If your skills match their requirements, you can easily become a member of the crew and spend the yachting season aboard one of these boats. Yachting season in the Mediterranean and the Balearic Sea is from April until October.

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When is the best time to enjoy boating and yachting around Mallorca?

The Mediterranean and the Balearic Sea have a yachting season from April to October, which is perfect for both boating and yachting in the calm seas and warm weather. These seasonal conditions make it ideal to sail around Mallorca as well. Show more

Where can I find luxury yacht rentals in Mallorca?

Puerto Portals, Puerto Banus, and Puerto Adriano are some of the popular ports with yacht rental companies that offer various sizes of yachts with or without a crew. Booking in advance is recommended, especially during peak season, for those seeking luxury yacht rentals in Mallorca. Show more

What are the requirements to become a member of a yacht crew?

Physical fitness, sailing, cooking, cleaning, and communication skills, along with some experience, are necessary to become a member of a yacht crew. Each yacht crew usually has its specific requirements, and the recruitment process typically involves an interview, trial period, and training to become a crew member. Show more

Which nearby ports are used for yachting departures from Palma?

The Palma region has several nearby ports like Port de Soller, Port d'Andratx, and Port Adriano that are starting points for yachting excursions and to explore Mallorca's coast. Besides, Palma itself has a modern marina that provides berths for yachts, making it a popular hub among yachting enthusiasts. Show more

Can beginners with no experience in yachting join the crew?

While it would be an advantage to have some experience, some yacht crews might accept applications from inexperienced beginners willing to learn and work hard. The applicants must be physically capable of handling the job's demands. Specific requirements and preferences of the yacht crew should also be checked by those who have no experience in yachting. Show more

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