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Stone Crab Season

Taste one of the most delicious seasonal foods of Southeast Florida—you can even catch some yourself


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Crabs are everywhere, but stone crabs can be found only in the coastal waters of South Florida. They are considered to be one of the tastiest local delicacies available. The white meat of a stone crab's claw is very tender and sweet. It is considered sweeter than lobster, more tender than other crab species, but also more expensive than any other seafood. During stone crab season every restaurant and cafe tries to create the most delicious dishes using this specialty. This is the best time to visit one of such places and enjoy some crunchy stone crab claws.

Stone crab season officially starts on the 15th of October and lasts until the 15th of May. Lots of parties and seafood festivals dedicated to the beginning of the season run during this period. The best thing about all this fuss is that the crabs aren't killed. They are trapped, and when the claws are removed, they are returned to the water. These crabs can regrow their claws several times during a lifetime. Anyone can try to catch a crab, so why not try it yourself? Some people remove only one claw from each crab, others take both. But, of course, taking one is better as the crab can​ survive better and regrow its other claw faster.

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