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Best time to visit Mongolia

Hiking and Mountaineering

Hiking trips reveal great nature and unusual architecture—imperial ruins, former monasteries, and abandoned cities

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Mongolia is not merely endless steppes, a desert, and the blue sky above as many imagine—in fact, the country is much more than that. When one goes off the beaten track, tons of interesting things are waiting​ to be discovered. To begin with, Mongolia boasts four mountain ranges, namely Khangai, Altai, Gobi-Altai and Khentii, all inhabited by mountainous foxes, wild goats and sheep, and plenty of other wildlife. There are eight beautiful lakes including Khövsgöl, Uvs, Shireet, and others that have great fishing, white water rivers, and national reserves. Non-natural attractions include the remnants of the once powerful Mongol Empire—now referred to as the Karakorum site. Besides, one may explore the ruins of numerous monasteries destroyed by the Soviet powers, and abandoned cities which used to be industrial centres during the Soviet times. The best season to hike across the ever-surprising Mongolia is restricted to May, June, and September when the weather is neither too cold, nor too hot, nor too rainy.

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