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Myanmar Independence Day 2025

From the early morning of January 4, the bells in Buddhist temples start to ring. Gongs and beeps can be heard on the rivers. On this day in 1948, Burma gained independence

Dates: January 4

People joyfully celebrate the creation of the republic—the Union of Burma. Military parades are conducted in big cities, people sing patriotic songs, and brass orchestras play marches. Everything revolves around patriotism. Naypyidaw, Burma's capital, hosts big fairs that last for 7 days. An unusual game can be also observed on this day. Men completely cover themselves with motor oil, grease a coconut and try to take it away from each other and throw it in a trash bin. It is a rather difficult task—the players and coconuts are slippery and it takes a lot of skill to get the necessary points. Girls have fun on Independence Day in their own way. They sit on bamboo poles and fight with pillows.

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