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Napa Valley Marathon 2024

Run through the famous wine country with its stunning vistas, historic wineries, and blooming wildflower fields

Dates: March 3, 2024

Napa Valley Marathon is the annual race following the historical Silverado Trail from Calistoga to Napa, California. The main highlights of the marathon, which takes place every March, are beautiful views, famous vineyards, and wineries. Since 2019, a half-marathon course, which begins from Conn Creek Winery on the Silverado Trail, is also offered. Both races finish at Vintage High School in Napa.

Napa Valley Marathon features just about 2,500 runners, so the track is not that crowded. On some sections of the race, runners can have a solitary experience, immersing in beautiful Californian nature. The rural route starts on the east side of the valley and goes south. Blooming mustard fields is one of the biggest attractions in the valley at this time of the year.

Napa Valley Marathon was first held in 1979 to promote quality road racing in a scenic setting. The marathon is run by a non-profit, which gives hundreds of thousands of dollars to the local charities. Silverado Trail is the historic road that was constructed in 1852 to connect Napa and Calistoga. It was the first road that ran through Napa Valley. It now features several well-known wineries, such as Joseph Phelps, Signorello Winery, ZD Wines, and the Stags Leap District,

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