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Hiking in the Valley of Fire

Explore the crazy beauty of the Valley of Fire in bright red-orange colors!


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One hundred and fifty million years ago, dinosaurs dominated the earth, and in the Mojave desert, there were dunes. Today it is a park with the sonorous name the Valley of Fire—another American park which is a bit out of the ordinary. Time formed from the petrified sandstone labyrinths of canyons, arches, ridges, domes, and other bizarre elements.

Currently, the Valley of Fire is a National Natural Monument and the oldest state park in Nevada. Sunlight, illuminating the bright red rocks, makes the valley glow—layers of multi-colored stones that extend for miles shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow. You can explore numerous short hiking trails that definitely will take your breath away. Moreover, you can even camp between rock formations.

The best season for visiting the Valley of Fire state park is from October to April. In summer months, the heat may be too oppressive. The park is situated in the desert, located northeast of Las Vegas near Lake Mead and covers around 42,000 ac (16,996 ha). Valley of Fire State Park is a one hour drive from the Las Vegas Strip. Try to come early in the morning or late in the evening to capture this iridescent beauty of the landscape.

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