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Ifugao Mumbaki

Check out mysterious rites performed by indigenous Ifugao Shamans


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A traditional Ifugao Mumbaki is a kind of religious specialist who can perform various healing rituals as well as engage in spiritual practices. Originally, Mumbaki was a type of healer who treated illnesses caused by witchcraft. This is why they are occasionally called witch doctors. Nowadays, such shamans practice alternative medicine such as chiropractic, homeopathy, and also faith healing. Besides, they say prayers to ensure abundant harvests.

Being a Mumbaki requires deep respect to tradition, patience, and a lifelong commitment to learning prayers and chants. Today you can still find devoted shamans in the province of Ifugao but their number gradually decreases, as younger generation identify themselves as Christians and give up on ancient traditions.

If you ever visit Ifugao, make sure to meet a Mumbaki—there is hardly any chance of similar experience in the modern world.

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