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Sour rhubarb is made into crumble cakes and meat sauces, but the best way to enjoy the fruit is to simply dip it in sugar and eat it raw

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The edible juicy stem of the greenish-pink colour is mostly used for rhubarb crumbles. However, there are a plenty of other recipes. It is widely used in pastries and dessert toppings. It adds a nice sourish savour to meat dishes, particularly chicken, and it works well in spicy sauces like curries or with chillies. Besides it is used in rice dishes, together with prawns and pineapples, it makes really delicious pilaf. Needless to mention jams and preserves. But the easiest, cheapest, healthiest way is to stick the pealed or unpeeled acidic stalk into sugar and simply enjoy it raw. Rhubarb season in Scotland runs from January to June, with the main crop from March on.

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