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A Walk around Mount Etna in Sicily

For over half a million years mount Etna has been in a state of continuous eruption

Best time: March–August

A Walk around Mount Etna
A Walk around Mount Etna
A Walk around Mount Etna

Visiting the world's highest volcano has to be on a bucket list of everyone! Etna is also the world's most active volcano listed in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Spring and late summer would be a good time to take a stroll around Mount Etna, since the weather is the most appropriate and you might also see amazing wild flowers.

June and July are quite crowded, and winter is rather cold. On the other hand, if you go sometime in January you will witness the snow capped mountains and can do some skiing in the Sapienza Refuge ski area from which you can reach the crater at 2920 m! No matter which option you prefer, the best experience would be to see the spectacular lava-producing eruption! Unfortunately, these are difficult to predict.

Practical info

When would be the ideal timeframe to visit Mount Etna?

If you plan on visiting Mount Etna, March through August is the best time to go as the climate is the most comfortable, and wildflowers are in full bloom. The peak visiting months are June and July, but it can be crowded. If you're interested in skiing or snow-capped mountains, January is the perfect time as Sapienza Refuge Ski Area is open and sits at the mountain's crater to reach 2920m. Show more

What is the location of the Sapienza Refuge Ski Area?

The Sapienza Refuge Ski Area on the southern side of Mount Etna near Nicolosi is known for chilly slopes ideal for medium to expert skiers. Beyond skiing, visitors can reach the summit of Mount Etna at 2920m from this ski-area, which is otherworldly snow-capped during January. Show more

What makes Mount Etna a distinctive site to visit?

Many tourists visit Mount Etna because of its status as the largest active volcano in Europe. The volcano has been erupting continuously for 500,000 years and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Visitors can hike, ski, witness volcanic snow-capped mountains, wildflowers blooming, and with good fortune, witness the stunning lava-producing eruption a few times a year. Show more

Apart from hiking, what are some activities to explore around Mount Etna?

Tourists can explore a wide range of activities in Mount Etna, including skiing, wine-tasting, discovering the Alcantara Gorges canyon, experiencing volcanic mud baths, and tours around the adjacent towns and villages. It is a fascinating place to learn about the local culture and enjoy their cuisine. Show more

What is the frequency of spectacular lava-producing eruptions on Mount Etna?

Mount Etna is unpredictable, even with its status as the world's most active volcano. Eruptions vary from mild to violent, and the direction of lava flows can change. Despite this, visitors can witness this natural wonder's power and beauty from a safe distance with guided tours. It is still a sight to behold, given that the volcano experiences continuous activity. Show more

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