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Gypsy Fest in Bratislava 2024, Slovakia

Visit the largest Gypsy Festival in the country

Dates: July 19–20, 2024

Gypsy Fest, also known as the World Roma Festival has been celebrating the diversity and vigor of Romani culture since 2008 for over a decade. Taking place in Bratislava, the event promotes Gypsy identity by giving a platform to Romani artists from all over the globe. It also features other international performers from Sweden, Austria, Germany, Spain, India, Ukraine, Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, and, of course, Slovakia.

Festival Program

During the festival, you will be able to enjoy colorful Roma dances, folk songs, performances, and entertaining shows. Some of the most popular artists will perform on the stage, demonstrating the power of music and bringing the community together. Romathan Theatre is one of the regular performers at the event.

After the concert, you can also continue celebrating at the after-party in the local club. Drawing in almost 60,000 visitors every year, the festival also gives you a chance to observe Roma fashion shows from domestic designers with their newest collections and best models.


The festivities normally take place at Hlavné námestie in Old Town, one of the most famous landmarks of Bratislava. While at the festival, you can also explore the square itself, which houses several historical spots, such as Old Town Hall and Maximilian fountain. The late-night after parties typically take place at the venues nearby, for example, at LOCLUB, located 218 yards (200 m) from the square.


The festivities usually begin in the evening, around 8-9 pm, with the after-parties spanning well into the early morning until 4 pm. Coupled with folk dancing, vibrant Roma fashion, and delicious drinks, this two-day festival lets you experience Romani culture to the fullest.

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