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Hiking is the best way to discover all the natural treasures of Slovenia

Hiking in Slovenia - Best Time
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Take any hiking trail in Slovenia and it will definitely bring you to unforgettable views.

Hiker on Kamnik- Savinja Alps
Hiker on Kamnik- Savinja Alps

Slovenia is covered by about 10,000 kilometers of hiking trails that can be found everywhere, even within a few minutes of its biggest cities.

Hiking in Slovenia - Best Season

The well-preserved nature of the country, its multiple lakes, and incredibly vivid fauna makes every hike special whether you decide to take a path which goes through forests, leads to the top of a mountain, or connects the cross-country trails.

Best time for Hiking in Slovenia

If you are looking for something more than walking and sightseeing, Slovenia might interest you with its special thematic hikes that add a certain cultural aspect to the trail like the annual hike of Saint Martin in early November and many others.

Trenta Valley
Trenta Valley

The Trenta Valley in Triglav National Park and is a good place for camping. Kranjska Gora region offers spectacular hikes. Hike up to the Three Borders, Mt. Mojstrovka, Mt. Špik, and Mt. Prisojnik. If you are tired of walking, you can take a cable car to Mt. Vitranc and enjoy panoramic views on Kranjska Gora and other peaks. In the Bovec Region, hikes on themed trails, for example, the Walk of Peace and the Soča River Trail.

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