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Persimmon Season in Turkey 2024-2025

In Turkey, it's hurma or "cennet hurması" meaning "paradise fruit"—perhaps, we have confused the true forbidden fruit?

Best time: November–February

Persimmon Season

Originally native to China, the fruit has spread all over the world, and although it's commonly known as persimmon, in Turkey they call it "hurma", Trabzon hurma is particularly famous. Ancient Greeks praised persimmon as the fruit of Gods, whereas in neighbouring Turkey it's still cherished as "cennet hurması" that is "paradise fruit". In fact, there's a hypothesis that Adam and Eve ate a forbidden persimmon rather than the apple. After all, they are quite similar in shape.

Another label the Turks created for hurma is the king of the fall. That's because it invades market stalls in November. The feast then continues until February. A part of the harvest is naturally dried for longer storage.

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Authors: Olha Savych