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Dogwoods in Bloom

When in blossom, Yosemite's Mountain Dogwood trees seem to be covered with large snow flakes, adding an amazing bright splash of white to the forests


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This tree most often is associated with the image of springtime in Yosemite. When in full bloom, it's flowers look like gigantic snowflakes drifting through the contrasting dark green leaves.

Dogwoods in Bloom in Yosemite - Best Season 2020
Best time for Dogwoods in Bloom in Yosemite 2020

You can find dogwood trees near the Merced River’s banks, near Fern Spring, at Happy Isles, and along Tenaya Creek below Mirror Lake.

The flowering season is from April through June, depending on elevation.

Best time to see Dogwoods in Bloom in Yosemite 2020

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