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Alpenzoo Innsbruck

Visit the highest Zoo in the world and enjoy an amazing panoramic view of Innsbruck


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A 20-minute trip on the Hungerburgbahn funicular is a delightful experience. It takes you through tunnels, over the river, and up Nordkette mountain. The first stop is the Alpenzoo, the highest zoo in the world. The second stop is the mountain restaurant, and the third is the Hafelekar level at 2,256 meters. While visiting the mountain restaurant in summer it's best to sit outside on the terrace and breathe the alpine air, observing the city of Innsbruck nestled between the snowy mountains and the river Inn.

Hafelekar view over Innsbruck 2020
Hafelekar view over Innsbruck
Alpenzoo Innsbruck in Austria - Best Season 2020
Besuch im Zoo von Salzburg 2020
Besuch im Zoo von Salzburg

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