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Barbados Food and Rum Festival 2021

Celebrate all things savory in the culinary center of the Caribbean


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Barbados Food, Wine, and Rum Festival is a vibrant event that fills the streets of Bridgetown for four days every October or November. Regardless of the budget, everyone can enjoy it. Whether you're feasting on street food or visiting a gourmet restaurant, Barbadian varied and unusual cuisine is incredible everywhere.

Among the favorite local dishes are freshly caught fish, including flying fish. Also, make sure to try cou cou, a famous vegetarian treat consisting of corn and okra. Besides, the island is famed for a variety of bread, puddings, and fruits.

But Barbados rum, made of local sugar cane, is number one. This distilled spirit is about 40% strong and occurs in different types. Bartenders use this Caribbean elixir as the basis of many cocktails, putting on real shows in front of hundreds of visitors.

Although the main celebration happens in the capital, Barbados boasts some other destinations for the foodies to check out. For example, visit Oistins village to taste fried fish, traditionally cooked in the open air.

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