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Barrio Cantina 2022

A Belgian Food Truck Festival travels across the Flanders region

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During the summer, a flock of food trucks moves from city to city to please locals with street food from around the world. The idea of the Barrio Cantina festival emerged in 2014 when the ever-growing hype around street food and food trucks became hard to ignore. Since its first edition in Gent (an hour drive north-west of Brussels), the festival turned out to be a success and proved that Belgians were waiting for this kind of event.

Over 50 trucks stop in Oostende (early June) and Brugge (mid-June) for several days. Some of them represent famous restaurants while others only exist as food trucks. The trucks serve a wide variety of food and drinks from all over the planet: Belgian specialties like waffles and fries, American burgers, Mexican food, Chinese and Thai cuisine, vegetarian dishes, fresh juices, homemade teas, etc.

The trucks occupy parks and vast green zones so that the area doesn’t get overcrowded and visitors have enough space to eat and chill out. There are no entry tickets, so passersby may freely spend a few hours at Barrio Cantina. Aside from the endless selection of delicacies, visitors may enjoy delicious cocktails served in bars on wheels and listen to live DJ sessions. There is also an area with playgrounds and jumping castles for children.

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