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Gentse Waterzooi

A soup-like stew will warm you during the coldest of days

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Gentse Waterzooi originates from Ghent and is a typical dish in Flanders. According to the traditional recipe, it should be made of fish such as carp, pike, eel, or bass. Today, it is more common to cook Waterzooi with meat, namely—with chicken.

The variations of the dish are almost endless as any combination of vegetables can be added to Waterzooi. All versions are based on a set of main ingredients—a thickened vegetable broth, egg yolk, and cream. The rest is up to the chef: they may add potatoes, carrots, onions, celeriac, leeks, and season the dish with herbs such as parsley, thyme, bay laurel, and sage. Usually, the dish is served hot with butter and a piece of white bread.

Gentse Waterzooi is simple and nourishing and is considered to be the best for the cold months of the year, between November and March.

Gentse Waterzooi may be savoured in its birthplace city of Ghent and beyond. The dish is featured in the walking tour around Brussels, along with other iconic foods of Belgium.

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