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Best time to visit Belgium


Deep forests, picturesque valleys, mountain rivers and heaths in blossom await hikers in Belgium


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Belgium is an appealing destination for hiking. You can start your trip in the Ardennes where the southern part of the mountains greets hikers with picturesque villages, hidden paths through leaf forests, and stunning mountain views. It is also possible to meet roe deer, wild boar, and to contemplate wild nature in the Ardennes.

A breathtaking example of the wilderness of the Ardennes is found in the valley of Ninglinspo, a mountain river. Although the route is not the easiest one, the trail by the riverside leads hikers through the valley to small waterfalls. Other beautiful destinations in the vicinity are La Roche-en-Ardenne and the valley of the River Ourthe.

La Roche à l’Appel Geological Park also lies in the Ardennes. Hiking in this park is perfect for beginners and geology lovers. Trails here are easy and short enough but still lead hikers through hidden paths in the woods. The ancient village of Muno is also a great place to stop and visit.

Aside from the most popular routes, the Ardennes offer less explored but equally as stunning destinations such as La Forêt du Pays de Chimay (the forest of the land of Chimay), the Lake of Virelles, Le Fondry des Chiens with its rocky landscape and abandoned quarry, the Hertogenwald, and the valley of the Hermeton river.

The Ardennes offer more than scenic hiking destinations. The Hautes Fanges (the High Fens) is the biggest natural reserve in Belgium and the highest area of the eastern part of the country. This upland area is located between the Ardennes and the Eifel highlands. The Trô Maret mountain river and its valley are recommended to visit in Hautes Fanges.

Another place to stop by is the town of Bouillon in the province of Luxemburg. It is surrounded by a dense pine tree forest.

The best season for hiking is April to October. Just note that July and August are the most popular months, so touristy places are likely to get crowded.

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