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Cherry Blossom in Victoria in British Columbia

A quintessential part of spring in the capital of British Columbia

Best time: mid-February–March

Cherry Blossom in Victoria
Cherry Blossom in Victoria

Victoria is lucky to have the mildest climate in Canada, so the city enjoys one of the longest and most impressive blooming seasons in the country. The first trees start to bloom in Victoria as early as mid-February, months before the rest of the country. Thanks to numerous plum and cherry trees, Victoria gets totally transformed into a sea of white and pink petals.

Even though Victoria doesn't have a formal cherry blossom festival, it still attracts many visitors with its thousands of amazing trees in bloom. The peak of the blooming season usually falls in late March.

To immerse yourself in hanami, take a long walk through James Bay, Beacon Hill Park, and Fairfield. South Turner Street blooms in March, and it's perhaps James Bay’s most stunning bloom display. Croft Street just near the Thirfty stores in James Bay is another great viewing spot. Beacon Hill Park features pretty blooming trees already in mid-February. Oliphant Avenue between Cook St and Beacon Hill Park makes for a lovely spring stroll. The James Bay neighborhood boasts many sakura and plums as well as beautiful architecture, that creates a perfect background for blossom viewing.

Don't miss the blooming trees near the Helmcken House and Thunderbird Park. They are in full bloom by mid-February. Also, check out old weeping sakura near the Victoria Clipper ferry terminal at the foot of Belleville Street, there is a nice area for a picnic.

Practical info

Can you provide information on the cherry blossoms in Victoria?

Victoria's cherry blossom blooming season occurs from mid-February to the end of March. The peak season is typically in late March. To see the best cherry blossom displays, visit James Bay, Beacon Hill Park, and Fairfield. The region has a mild climate, and temperatures are usually between 7°C and 12°C during the blossom season. Visiting Victoria also means admiring its art and historic architecture, as well as enjoying nearby natural sites. Show more

Where are the best spots to view cherry blossoms in Victoria?

Victoria's James Bay, Beacon Hill Park, and Fairfield are the top locations for cherry blossom displays. James Bay's Croft Street and South Turner Street showcase thousands of cherry and plum trees. Victoria Clipper ferry terminal has Weeping Sakura, while Helmcken House and Thunderbird Park have attractive cherry blossoms. Oliphant Avenue adds to the charm of the spring season with its floral beauty. Show more

What else can I do in Victoria apart from enjoying cherry blossoms?

Victoria, apart from its cherry blossoms, is famous for its art galleries, museums, and parks. Attractions such as the Royal BC Museum, the Butchart Gardens, and Craigdarroch Castle are great for family trips. Whale watching, seaplane tours, and the local cuisine are also must-haves. Consider a food tour or dine at the city's finest restaurants. You could also ask for guided cherry blossom tours to explore the natural beauty of the region. Show more

Do you have information about the climate of Victoria during cherry blossom season?

The mild climate of Victoria, Canada: makes it a great place for cherry blossoms to start blooming as early as mid-February, while the peak season takes place in late March. Temperature ranges between 7°C and 12°C during the cherry blossom season. Rain can be unpredictable, so it's advisable to bring a raincoat and dress in layers to be comfortable. Show more

Which accommodations in Victoria offer cherry blossom viewing packages or tours?

Victoria offers several places to stay to enjoy cherry blossom viewing, such as the Magnolia Hotel & Spa, the Abigail's Hotel, and the Fairmont Empress. Check their websites or contact them to learn more about blossom viewing packages. Many local travel agencies offer guided cherry blossom tours, giving visitors an unforgettable experience of the region's beauty. Show more

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