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Magnolias in Botanic Garden Meise in Brussels

Dozens of magnolia trees burst into blossoms and mark the beginning of spring

Best time: late March–April

Magnolias in Botanic Garden Meise
Magnolias in Botanic Garden Meise
Magnolias in Botanic Garden Meise
Magnolias in Botanic Garden Meise

Every spring, white and pink magnolias bring the first colours of the season to the Botanic Garden Meise, also known as the National Botanic Garden of Belgium. The plants in the garden grow in thematic collections, and there is a special area dedicated to a variety of magnolias. You can explore the collection on your own or you may join a 'Magnolia Walk'. A guided walk through the garden helps you avoid missing the most beautiful areas.

The best time to visit the garden depends on the weather during the winter. Usually, the season starts in late March and continues to the end of April. If the winter was cold and long, then it is better to come in April as the magnolias might start blooming later. At this time, you should also stop by the area with rhododendrons as they bloom roughly around the same time.

The National Botanic Garden has been developed around a lake and the 12th-century Castle of Bouchout. It is located in the town of Meise which is only 10 km (6.2 mi) from Brussels. The garden is one of the largest botanical gardens in the world and occupies a territory of 92 ha (227 ac).

Aside from the open-air areas, the National Botanic Garden is open all year round and includes a so-called “Plant Palace”—the largest greenhouse in Belgium that unites 13 smaller glasshouses where tropical and desert plants grow. In general, the collection consists of around 18 thousands varieties of plants. Among them are medicinal plants, wild roses, orchids, lotuses, oaks, maples, sequoias, etc.

There is a €7 fee to enter the garden.

Practical info

What is the best time to witness the blooming magnolias at the Botanic Garden Meise?

To witness the blooming magnolias at Botanic Garden Meise, the best time would be late March and April. The blooming season is affected by the winter weather, so if the winter was long and cold, it is better to visit sometime in April. The rhododendrons area is also worth visiting, as they bloom around the same time. Show more

In what town would you find the Botanic Garden Meise and how far is it from Brussels?

Located within the town of Meise, Botanic Garden Meise is only 10 km (6.2 mi) away from Brussels. It is also one of the biggest botanical gardens in the world, covering a vast 92 ha (227 ac) territory. Visitors to the garden can use various means of transportation, including cars, trains, and buses. Show more

What other botanical collections are present at the Botanic Garden Meise?

Aside from the magnolia collection, Botanic Garden Meise showcases an extensive range of botanical collections comprising of medicinal plants, orchids, wild roses, lotuses, oaks, maples, sequoias, and others. The 'Plant Palace' greenhouse is remarkable, consisting of 13 sub glasshouses containing various desert and tropical plants. Visitors can opt for a guided tour or explore these collections independently. Show more

Can visitors avail guided tours to witness magnolia collection of Botanic Garden Meise?

Visitors can take part in a guided tour named 'Magnolia Walk' to cherish the beauty of the magnolia collection in Botanic Garden Meise. Such tours would be ideal for individuals who do not wish to miss out on any important areas and are also available for other plant collections in the garden. Moreover, visitors can choose to tour independently, keeping in mind not to overlook the garden's geographic areas. Show more

Apart from the regular garden tour, are there any other events or activities in Botanic Garden Meise?

In addition to the garden tour, Botanic Garden Meise also organises many events and activities throughout the year, such as workshops, concerts, and exhibitions. Moreover, the garden plans an annual 'Plant Day' to encourage biodiversity and spread plant conservation awareness. Visitors must check updates via the garden's webpage or social media platforms to know about upcoming events. Show more

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