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Getaway to Tigre in Buenos Aires 2024-2025

Tigre is almost a resort town in the suburbs of Buenos Aires where Argentineans like to live and relax

Best time: September–May

Getaway to Tigre
Getaway to Tigre
Getaway to Tigre
Getaway to Tigre
Getaway to Tigre

Take a short trip to the Argentinean Venice, the picturesque town of Tigre. You'll have the opportunity to plunge into the unusual, original life of this paradise town. Tigre is located 40 kilometres north-east of Buenos Aires. You can reach the town by train. When you find yourself on the waterfront with iron railings, vintage lamps, and tiles, you'll immediately realise that the life of Tigre is centred near the water.

The town built in the Paraná Delta lies in dozens of tiny islands with elegant villas, fishing huts, and camping tourism. There are 350 rivers, streams, and canals which you can ride through on various types of water transport. Some channels are large enough for water taxis and private boats while others are narrow and surrounded by lush trees, willows, and cotton and can only accommodate small skiffs. Check out the Puerto de Frutos to see the picturesque traditional market and buy handmade souvenirs from local artisans.

Among the other attractions, there is an art museum located in a luxurious building, the Casa Museo Sarmiento, where the former Argentinean President lived in the 19th century.

September–May (November and March being the most favourable months) is the best time to visit Tigre as it usually gets too cold June through August.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Tigre in Buenos Aires?

The ideal time to visit Tigre is from September to May, with November and March being the most popular months due to their mild and pleasant weather conditions. However, tourists should avoid visiting from June to August as the town can become too cold during these months. Show more

Where can I find the Puerto de Frutos market in Tigre?

Located on the Tigre waterfront, the Puerto de Frutos market is a traditional market full of handmade souvenirs crafted by local artisans. In addition to antique furniture, handicrafts, and food stalls, visitors can also purchase fruits, vegetables, and flowers available for sale. The market can be easily reached by taking the train to Tigre and then walking to the market's location. Show more

What types of water transport are available in Tigre's rivers, streams, and canals?

Tourists who want to explore the rivers, streams, and canals of Tigre can use private boats and water taxis to traverse the larger waterways. Smaller skiffs are available to tour the narrow canals, which are surrounded by lush vegetation, and kayaks and canoes can be hired to explore the delta and observe local wildlife. Boat tours are also available, allowing tourists to relax and enjoy a leisurely trip through the waterways. Show more

What is the history behind Casa Museo Sarmiento located in Tigre?

Casa Museo Sarmiento, which is now a museum showcasing the life of the elite in the 19th century, previously served as the residence of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, the former Argentine president. The house was constructed by Italian architect Francisco Tamburini in 1855, and its neoclassical style adds to its historical importance. The museum displays original furniture and objects owned by Sarmiento, as well as items from the foundation of the Republic to modern times. Show more

When does the weather typically get too cold for tourists to visit Tigre?

Between June and August, temperatures in Tigre drop significantly, making it too cold for travellers to enjoy the town. To make the most of the town's attractions, the best time to visit is between September and May, with November and March usually being the ideal months due to their mild and pleasant conditions. Show more

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