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Xiamen International Marathon 2021

One of the most massive runs in China


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The Xiamen International Marathon is one of the largest and most beautiful runs in China. Held in the coastal city of Xiamen, Fujian Province, it attracts from 50,000 to 74,000 participants. The marathon that usually takes place in January has the Gold Label Road Race status from IAAF, which makes it one of the most prestigious running events in Asia. It attracts many elite runners from Ethiopia and Kenya.

A gorgeous scenic course of the Xiamen International Marathon goes through several beautiful scenic sections of the coastal city. It starts at Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, then follows Huizhan Road, South Huandao Road, South Yunding Road, and crosses Yanwu Bridge, goes along Lujiang Road, and reaches its middle at Xiamen Shiqiao Center. After that, the course goes back to Lujiang Road, Yanwu Bridge, South, and East Huandao Roads, North and South Huizhan Roads, and finishes at Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center. Yanwu Bridge that is uniquely positioned close to the sea level, has an unusual design is undoubtedly the main attraction of the route that doesn't lack coastal and ocean views.

The Xiamen race has been founded in 2003 and has quickly become one of the favorites with Chinese runners. It's a perfect opportunity to kick off your running season in the right way.

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