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Hiking in Gorges du Tarn

Explore a magnificent canyon and search for a medieval castle


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Gorges du Tarn is located in one of the most beautiful and least populated regions in the south of France. This is a canyon, which was formed by the Tarn River. Due to its high and rocky cliffs, the canyon attracts fans of outdoor activities. Numerous opportunities to explore include boating, kayaking, climbing, caving, and hiking.

The most interesting option is the ability to organize a quest to get to one of the medieval castles or even entire towns that have been built along the gorge. If you find yourself between the villages of Ispagnac and le Rozier, you should know that there are around 40 underground springs in the rocks. Les Gorges du Tarn is a good choice for a short summer vacation, especially when you are active and hungry for adventure.

Hiking season lasts from April up to the end of October. If you want to engage in canoeing, then make sure to do so before Fall fully sets in, as the season tends to be over by the end of September, and for camping the best time is between May and August.

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