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Nubian Ibex Baby Mountain Goats in Israel 2024

The Negev ibex mountain goat climbs rocks better than any cragsman!

Best time: February–August

Nubian Ibex Baby Mountain Goats
Nubian Ibex Baby Mountain Goats
Nubian Ibex Baby Mountain Goats

The wild mountain goats with their long curved horns and white fur look surreal while jumping up and down the rocky hills of the Negev desert. Herds of up to 500 may cross your route while you are enjoying the views of the desert. These creatures, described as early as in biblical texts are also quite social among each other. Mothers nurture and teach their kids to climb the mountains for up to 6 months after their birth, which is truly remarkable. We advise to go see the teaching process and get some cuteness overdose for future now!

Practical info

When is a good time to observe the Nubian Ibex in Israel?

The Nubian Ibex can be seen year-round, but the best time to observe them in Israel is between February and August. It's during this time when they're still small and the weather is mild enough to trek the desert comfortably. Show more

Where can the Nubian Ibex be found in Israel?

The Nubian Ibex can be found inhabiting the rocky hills specifically in the desert regions in southern Israel, such as the Negev. To catch a glimpse of these animals, tourists will need to participate in a desert trek or a jeep tour. Show more

What are the physical characteristics of the rocky hills in the Negev desert where the Nubian Ibex lives?

The rocky hills in the Negev desert are about 900 meters high and have cliffs that can be steep or angled over 50 degrees. Tourists will need to ensure they have proper footwear and pack accordingly to ensure they have the energy and stamina to complete the trek. Show more

What guidelines should visitors follow to avoid disturbing the Nubian Ibex Baby Mountain Goats?

When visiting, visitors should be mindful of the Nubian Ibex Baby Mountain Goats' natural habitat and try to keep a distance of 30 meters when observing the animals. The use of binoculars or telephoto lens is recommended to avoid disturbing them, especially the babies and their moms to keep them safe from any harm or disruption from tourist activity. Show more

Can visitors approach and interact with the Nubian Ibex Baby Mountain Goats and their mothers?

While the Nubian Ibex might be curious and approach visitors, tourists should avoid interacting with them, as it could impact their behavior and natural habitat. Some visitors might hurt the animals while trying to engage them, so it's best to observe them from a safe distance and avoid interaction. Show more

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