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Water Lily

Pink stars have fallen from the sky to rest on clear water and be named water lilies


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A typical day in Luang Prabang is always full of great impressions and emotions, and it may require a peaceful and relaxing evening. This may be achieved with a deep meditation—sometimes made easier by observing beautiful lily ponds. The Lao climate, similarly to its neighboring countries, is suitable for water lilies, which like clean ponds and enough humidity for growth. There are several kinds of this flower, but the most widely spread are the pink variety. You will never miss water lilies, as they rest on the water surface or stand several centimeters above it ​so that the pond seems to be filled with starbursts. Water lilies may inspire you for great photos or even gorgeous paintings—like those of Claude Monet. The best time to spot water lilies blooming in Luang Prabang is between late November and December.

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