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Sakalava Weavers in Madagascar

Yellow-headed Sakalava veawers decorate Malagasy forests with hivelike nests

Sakalava Weavers
Sakalava Weavers

Cute yellow-headed birds called Sakalava veawers flood Malagasy forests during their breeding season in September. Then “chee-chee” songs resound throughout Madagascar and hivelike nests appear on trees. Sakalava veawers might be found in relatively small flocks in dry lowland forests in the north, west and south of the island. The Avenue of the Baobabs on the western coast of the island would be a perfect place to witness Sakalava viewers bustling around their hivelike nests as baobab trees are tall and hence safe enough. But you will probably need binoculars as these birdies are tiny: an average size of a mature bird is 15 cm and its weight reaches up to 28 g. Local people found their own way to get closer to unusual nests – they built peg ladders to climb up baobab trees.

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