Best time to visit Montenegro

Skiing and Snowboarding in Montenegro

Montenegro ski resorts are cheap and not overcrowded and the views are truly amazing!

Best time: December–mid-April

Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding
Skiing and Snowboarding

Although winter in Montenegro is pretty warm compared to other European countries, in the mountains there is plenty of snow. Skiing there is a perfect idea because local resorts are not so crowded and expensive like Switzerland or Italy. There are three main resorts in Montenegro, which are considered the best: Savin Kuk (1515 m), Zabljak, and Kolasin (both 1450 m). They all are located at Durmitor National Park well-known for its breathtaking views. If you like freestyle skiing and snowboarding, these places are perfect for you. Visit Montenegrin ski resorts with friends or family, with many options, ​you can choose the mood of your holidays. They can be quiet and cozy, with a warm atmosphere in chalets or little hotels, or you can choose to make them loud and crazy by spending time in the clubs of Zabljak. In any case, if you love winter sports, you will enjoy skiing in Montenegro and stay​ at its best resorts.

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Where are the best ski resorts in Montenegro?

Montenegro has three prominent ski resorts located in the Durmitor National Park, which are Savin Kuk, Zabljak, and Kolasin. These resorts offer picturesque views and over 1300 acres of skiing terrains for skiing and snowboarding of various levels. The resorts are affordable and lure many winter sports enthusiasts to enjoy skiing, tree skiing, freestyle, moguls, and steep off-piste terrains in a less crowded setting. Show more

When is the best time to visit Montenegro for skiing?

If you plan to visit Montenegro for skiing or snowboarding, December to mid-April is the ideal time. Durmitor National Park experiences heavy snowfall in late November to early May, peaking in January and February. These months provide suitable skiing conditions with a consistently thick layer of snow and lower temperature, making it an ideal destination for winter sports enthusiasts. The affordable ski resorts offer a relaxed winter sports experience that is not crowded, making it an excellent holiday destination for skiing enthusiasts. Show more

What makes Montenegrin ski resorts unique compared to other European countries?

Compared to other European skiing destinations, Montenegrin ski resorts offer a unique experience with their affordability and fewer crowds. These small ski resorts provide an intimate setting with personable ski trips suitable for freestyle skiing, snowboarding, family-friendly slopes, and several off-piste terrains. Montenegro offers a memorable ski holiday experience that is authentic, unlike most larger ski resorts with larger crowds. Show more

What types of ski slopes are available in Montenegro?

Montenegro offers skiing terrains suitable for all skiers of different levels of difficulty. The Durmitor National Park offers over 20 runs with varying difficulty levels, including tree skiing, moguls, and off-piste terrains for skiers who prefer more adventure. Trying out the slopes is achievable with specified zones for beginners and kids. Savin Kuk is the most challenging resort, while Kolasin and Zabljak cater to beginners, freestyle skiers, and intermediates. Skiers can hone their skills by enrolling in ski schools that are available in the inclusive resorts. Show more

What are the après-ski options in Montenegro?

Montenegro offers an excellent après-ski experience for visitors to enjoy after skiing or snowboarding on the beautiful slopes. Visitors can relax and take in the serene scenery after a thrilling day in one of the bars, cafes, or clubs at the base of the mountains. For lively après-ski entertainment, bars, and clubs in Zabljak are plentiful. Kolasin has an excellent restaurant, offering local delicacies to satiate post-ski cravings, while Savin Kuk offers an additional evening skiing option for the adventurous skiing enthusiasts. Show more

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