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Skiing and Snowboarding

Montenegro ski resorts are cheap and not overcrowded and the views are truly amazing!


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Although winter in Montenegro is pretty warm compared to other European countries, in the mountains there is plenty of snow. Skiing there is a perfect idea because local resorts are not so crowded and expensive like Switzerland or Italy. There are three main resorts in Montenegro, which are considered the best: Savin Kuk (1515 m), Zabljak, and Kolasin (both 1450 m). They all are located at Durmitor National Park well-known for its breathtaking views. If you like freestyle skiing and snowboarding, these places are perfect for you. Visit Montenegrin ski resorts with friends or family, with many options, ​you can choose the mood of your holidays. They can be quiet and cozy, with a warm atmosphere in chalets or little hotels, or you can choose to make them loud and crazy by spending time in the clubs of Zabljak. In any case, if you love winter sports, you will enjoy skiing in Montenegro and stay​ at its best resorts.

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