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LuminoCity Festival 2022-2023

Magical immersive light installations in the park


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LuminoCity Festival brings immersive World of Magical Light installations into New York parks during the holiday season. The festival showcases remarkable state-of-the-art displays that create unforgettable experiences and attract thousands of people.

LuminoCity Festival features millions of fairy lights, light garlands on trees, and curtain lights. Attendees can enjoy a stroll through the park, marveling at spectacular LED sculptures and light decorations. Every year, LuminoCity shows off new art and themes, creating a unique experience every time. The festival runs from early November to early January, Wednesday through Sunday, from 4:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

The themes of winter and nature dominate the LuminoCity Festival. Among the most famous displays is the Frosted Forest experience, with multiple lights cascading over 12 ice-covered trees as well as blinking LED icicles and snowflakes. Using light and imagination, LuminoCity creates a real winter wonderland, transforming space with the help of light and color!

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