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Proxy Falls in Oregon

One of the highest plunge waterfalls in Oregon

Proxy Falls
Proxy Falls
Proxy Falls
Proxy Falls

Proxy Falls is an impressive waterfall located in the Willamette National Forest, not far from Belknap Springs, Oregon. Its two cascading legs drop from 69 m high (226 ft). They are especially impressive in the spring when the water flow is the most intense. The waterfall is easily accessible - visitors can touch and even taste its waters - it is located on an elevation of 1,002 m (3,286 m).

The short 2-km (1.25 mi) loop to the waterfall starts at the trailhead off Highway 242. The highway closes for the winter season from the town of Sisters between late November and late April. If you decide to come earlier in the spring, it is possible to get to the trailhead by bike. In the winter, you will need snowshoes for this hike.

The waterfalls appeared in this area about 6,000 years ago when glaciers cut out the canyon, and the waterfalls were formed along the cuts. Proxy Falls plunges into the porous lava creating an interesting effect of water disappearing underground.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Proxy Falls?

The waterfall at Proxy Falls flows the fastest between late April and late November, with the snow melting in the area. Trail closures happen during the winter months starting from late November to late April from the town of Sisters. However, visitors can still access the trail by bike in early spring, even if walking isn't allowed due to snow. Trail access and the waterfall's flow peak during summer's peak tourist season. Show more

Where is Proxy Falls located within Oregon?

Located near Belknap Springs, Proxy Falls is in the Central Oregon region, within Deschutes County, and in the Willamette National Forest. Oregon visitors who appreciate views of natural scenery and greenery will enjoy the picturesque area surrounding the falls. With an elevation of 3,286 feet, the falls can also be a prime destination during the winter months. Show more

How long is the trail to Proxy Falls?

A 1.25-mile hike takes visitors through the lush greenery and natural surroundings of Proxy Falls. Hikers taking the trek should wear appropriate footwear as the slippery trail from the parking lot requires sturdy hiking shoes or boots with good grip. Walkers will appreciate the short hike that delivers them to the picturesque views of Proxy Falls. Show more

What type of footwear is recommended for hiking to Proxy Falls?

To protect themselves from a slip on the slippery trail, hikers need to use shoes or boots with good grip. This measure ensures hikers' safety when traveling through the slippery terrain that is in some parts of the trail. In the winter, hikers should consider decking themselves with snowshoes, ensuring safety and stability as they take in the snow-covered terrain scenery. Show more

Can visitors swim in Proxy Falls?

As an essential part of the Willamette National Forest and its surroundings, it's important to preserve Proxy Falls and its natural habitat and beauty. Even though the waterfall plunges into porous lava that absorbs the water, the current can be too strong for swimming. Moreover, trail closures sometimes occur due to weather precautions, and visitors should respect it in the interest of safety and restoring the trail when necessary. Show more

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