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Best season to travel to Rio de Janeiro


Taste Rio with the traditional nourishing stew of beans with beef or pork


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You might think that black beans (feijão in Portuguese) aren't too special, but it's not quite right when you take into account feijoada. This special dish even takes a whole day to properly cook. First, you cook the beans alone, then prepare the meat—pork or beaf—and put it all together with some smoked sausages until it gets the right flavour (usually around 12 hours). The stew is usually cooked in a thick clay pot. It's typically served with fried yuca, oranges, and white rice. Feijoada is considered a national dish of Brazil, though it is most popular in Rio. Since it's also very nourishing the dish it is more suitable for the cooler days of the Brazilian winter and spring (May—November).

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