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Carol Singing

Kids and adults sing and dance with the Holy Star, drum dubasi, and even the playful goat Carpa joins Colindatul

Carol Singing in Romania 2019 - Best Time
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As Christmas come to Romania, the whole country sings carols and greets each other with the festive "Crăciun Fericit" meaning "Merry Christmas." Carol singing is known as "Colindatul." Traditionally Romanian carol singers disguise themselves in themed costumes and often wear masks. One of the main characters is a goat called "Capra" who also sings, jumps, and dances with the rest. The main attribute of carol singers is a huge star with a picture in the middle depicting the nativity of small Jesus. The youngest carol singers go from house to house and bring good news and receive some small presents, including traditional sweet bread called "colaci" and money. Adults also sing carols, but mainly on the next day. Another Christmas tradition is called "dubasi," a group of 50 to 60 bachelors who entertain people in the streets playing drums, violin, and often also saxophone.

Carol Singing in Romania - Best Season 2019
Best time for Carol Singing in Romania 2019
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