Best time to travel to South Australia

Baby Kangaroos (Joeys) in South Australia

Find yourself in a zoo with no borders on Kangaroo Island

Best time: June–August

Baby Kangaroos (Joeys)
Baby Kangaroos (Joeys)
Baby Kangaroos (Joeys)
Baby Kangaroos (Joeys)
Baby Kangaroos (Joeys)

Kangaroo Island, draped in stunning landscapes, is Australia's answer to wildlife paradise. The focal point and best asset of country's third biggest island is a natural habitat. It's where kangaroos and wallabies are hopping and skipping at every turn, where the local colonies of fur seals and sea lions laze on the rocks along the shoreline enjoying the sunshine, where koalas lazily munch on gum trees, where the whole place is full of surprises.

White sand beaches, translucent blue waters, towering cliffs and remarkable rock formations will stay in your collection of exceptional memories. The best time of a year to unwind on the island is winter season, which lasts from June to August. This is the right time to spot newborn kangaroos, koalas, and wallabies emerging from their mother's pouches.

Bring your own car, rent one or join an organized tour to marvel the spectacular scenery in the Flinders Chase National Park and pristine Seal Bay Conservation Park on a day trip. What is more, this is the off-peak season, which means that the prices go down making your stay more affordable. The visitors shrink in numbers as well, leaving you the luxury to enjoy the solitude and peacefulness and better connect with all the forms of life present here.

The only minor point is that during winter the temperatures can get to be quite low and the wind is rough, thus, bring a protective jacket.

Practical info

When is the best time to visit Kangaroo Island to see baby kangaroos?

The ideal time to catch sight of kangaroo joeys, koalas, and wallabies coming out of their mother's pouches is between June and August when the babies leave the pouches to explore the environment. Although the winter season makes the temperatures drop and brings rough winds to the island, it also presents visitors with the chance to marvel at these newborn creatures. Show more

What kind of animals can be seen on Kangaroo Island besides kangaroos?

In addition to kangaroos, kangaroo island houses various animals such as wallabies, koalas, fur seals, and sea lions alongside bird species such as the wedge-tailed eagle and Cape Barren goose. Adventurers can search around the Flinders Chase National Park and the Seal Bay Conservation Park to enjoy the multitude of wildlife species and the diverse landscape of the island. Show more

Where can you rent a car or join an organized tour to explore the island?

Accessories can rent a car from different available companies on the mainland and the go-ahead to use the ferry across to the island. Otherwise, interested visitors can book organized tours that will take them on a trip around the island to discover its life and natural beauty. For those in need of car rentals, they can find car rental partners scattered across the Island and in significant towns such as Kingscote. Show more

What is the off-peak season on Kangaroo Island and why is it a good time to visit?

While the peak season runs from January to February, the off-peak season, between June and August, is the perfect time to visit Kangaroo Island due to the decrease in visitor traffic. Accommodation and other tourist services prices reduce, presenting the chance to relax and bask in the splendor of the island's striking landscapes, beaches, and wildlife in a serene and cozy climate. Explorers can also marvel at the miracle of baby kangaroo joeys out of their mother's pouches. Show more

What should you pack when visiting Kangaroo Island in the winter?

For a tour of Kangaroo Island during winter, carry warm clothing, a protective coat, waterproof gear, and sturdy shoes for the adventure on potentially rough terrain. Additionally, tourists are advised to bring hats and sunscreen to avoid sunburn. Despite the winds and reduction of temperature, exploring Kangaroo Island in winter presents a unique and unbeatable tourist experience. Show more

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