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Beach Season (Black Sea) in Turkey 2024

Common chill and rain are replaced with semi-tropical heat during summer months making for a perfect beach holiday

Best time: June–August

Beach Season (Black Sea)
Beach Season (Black Sea)
Beach Season (Black Sea)
Beach Season (Black Sea)

Turkey's Black Sea (Karadeniz) coastline is rather cloudy and rainy year round, because of the northern and western winds, which are held up with the mountain range in the south of the seaside. Heavy rains also mean lush vegetation that makes local beaches and surrounding areas resemble tropics sometimes. All the same, in the summer, the semi-tropical heat eventually sets in local beaches, drawing thousands of vacationers who come here to enjoy the sun and chilly waters of the Black Sea. In the period between June and August, small maritime towns and villages often double the number of its residents. Some of the most popular seaside locations include the city of Sinop, Gerze, and Türkeli in the Sinop Province, also the city of Samsun, Zonguldak, Amasra in Bartın Province, and Kilyos close to Istanbul.

Along with pleasant seaside laziness, the beach cities have some more attractions to be discovered on your holidays. When in Sinop, don't miss the Sinop Fortress, Balatlar Church, and Temple of Serapis. Gerze is famous for the Çeçe Sultan Tomb, a pilgrims'destination located 15 kilometres from the city. Also take your time to visit Değirmenler, İdemli, and Gazhane Bay. If you choose to spend your seaside holidays in Amasra, local highlights include naturally the Amasra Castle, and also the Church Mosque, and the Birds Rock Road Mountain. Kilyos is famous for historical landmarks such as a cistern, cannons, huge monumental plane trees, and 14th-century Genoese fortress. Unfortunately, the latter is currently inaccessible due to its location withing the military zone. The Ataturk Culture Center is likely to make your stay in the city of Samsun quite a cultural experience. And Zonguldak will surprise you with a plentitude of tea gardens and restaurants.

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When is the best time to go to Turkey's Black Sea coastline for a beach holiday?

Between June and August, the semi-tropical heat sets in and provides perfect beach weather for a holiday along Turkey's Black Sea coastline. Even though it's usually cloudy and rainy there throughout the year, vacationers still flock to the coastal towns in huge numbers during this period. Popular seaside locations include Kilyos near Istanbul, Samsun, Amasra, and Zonguldak. Show more

What are some famous coastal sites to visit while at the Black Sea in Turkey?

Samsun, Amasra, Zonguldak, and Kilyos near Istanbul are the notable coastal towns to visit during your stay at the Black Sea region in Turkey. Vacationers come here to enjoy the chilly beach waters and bask in the sun during the summer months, with some attractions like the Church Mosque and tea gardens and restaurants found in Zonguldak, while Amasra offers its medieval Amasra Castle and Birds Rock Road Mountain. Show more

Besides beaches, what are some notable landmarks in Sinop?

Sinop is famous for its well-preserved, medieval Sinop Fortress and the Balatlar Church, one of the oldest churches in Anatolia that dates back to the 5th century. Visitors can explore historical landmarks while visiting surrounding areas like Değirmenler, İdemli, and Gazhane Bay, which only add to the natural beauty and abundant landscapes around the fortress. Show more

What are the particular landmarks to see in Kilyos?

Kilyos is famous for its Genoese fortress, which dates back to the 14th century. Unfortunately, the fortress is inaccessible due to its location inside the military zone. However, visitors can still explore the cannons, huge monumental plane trees, and a cistern that also make for popular landmarks. Kilyos is perfect for adventure buffs, with its recreational facilities, including beach volleyball, surfing and windsurfing, and kiteboarding, available for everyone. Show more

What are some local delicacies to try while on vacation in the Black Sea region?

While on vacation in the Black Sea region, visitors can try Hamsi, a type of anchovy found only in the region, which is typically fried, grilled, or served in a stew. Another local delicacy is Mısır Ekmeği, a traditional bread made from cornmeal and not wheat flour. Turkish coffee and baklava, a sweet pastry that originated in the Ottoman Empire, are other delights that visitors should not miss. Show more

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