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Bringoli Feast of San Martino (Festa dei Bringoli di San Martino) 2019

Delicious handmade spaghetti is a real treat for the real foodies

St. Martin's feast is often associated with wine. However, in Tuscany, it is also the day to indulge in bringoli tastings. Festa dei Bringoli di San Martino, held in Anghiari on the second weekend in November attracts foodies from all over Italy and beyond. The main dish bringoli is classic home-made pasta made of flour and water. It's traditionally served with mushroom or meat sauce.

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At the festivities, you can learn how to make bringoli and even cook some for yourself. Needless to say, this pasta feast is also accompanied by plenty of other delicious foods and excellent Tuscan wines.

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