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Milk Flowers Blooming Season in Vietnam

The distinctive flowers of unique shape soak the area with pleasant fragrance

Best time: September–October

Milk Flowers Blooming Season

Early autumn in Hanoi is sparkling beautifully​. Due to the mesmerizing bloom of the milk flowers that are unique in shape, the streets of the city are full of extraordinary and fresh fragrance.

Practical info

When can we spot the milk flowers in full bloom in Hanoi?

Milk flowers bloom in Hanoi during September and October, the perfect time to enjoy them. The cool autumn months offer an excellent environment to observe the flowers in full bloom. Streets become filled with the tantalizing scent of milk flowers, making them picturesque places to take pictures or inhale the fragrance. Show more

Which are some of the areas to explore for milk flowers beyond Hanoi's streets?

Hanoi's parks, gardens, and green spaces are excellent areas to see milk flowers. Although the milk flowers thrive in northern Vietnamese mountainous regions like Tay Bac, Sapa, and Moc Chau, cities like Hanoi are prime locations to observe the flowers outside of their natural habitat. People plant milk flowers near the city's temples and cemeteries, where they catch everyone's attention. Show more

What is the meaning of milk flowers in Vietnamese culture?

While it's beautiful to look at, the milk flower has more to offer Vietnamese locals, cultural significance. These flowers symbolize autumn, the favorite season in Vietnam, and nostalgia for hometowns. The beginning of the milk flower's blooming in Hanoi indicates that fall is ending, and winter is approaching. As a result, the milk flower holds an emotionally poignant and practically enticing place in the heart of Vietnam and its people. Show more

What are some tips to consider when taking photos of milk flowers in Hanoi?

Capturing the beauty of milk flowers in Hanoi doesn't have to be challenging, but finding the right light is important. Using a macro lens and dark backgrounds will allow you to focus on the flowers' details. Early-morning and evening light provide the best opportunities for successful photography. You can also find milk flowers throughout the city's parks, gardens, and on the streets, all of which offer great views for photos. Show more

Is there any festival/occasion unique to milk flowers in Hanoi?

Milk flowers are not the core of any particular festival in Hanoi. However, they play an integral part in events such as the Mid-Autumn Festival in September and the Kitchen Guardian Deity Festival, which is held in mid-August. Milk flowers are used to craft fragrant products like essential oils that are popular during festivals. It is usual to find these beautiful, fragrant flowers scattered around the streets and public spaces in conjunction with these traditional festivals. Show more

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