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Sesame Fortune Flower or Lộc Vừng in Vietnam

The hanging down flowers are especially fragrant at night and bloom twice a year only

Sesame Fortune Flower or Lộc Vừng
Sesame Fortune Flower or Lộc Vừng
Sesame Fortune Flower or Lộc Vừng

Beautiful romantic atmosphere of Hoan Kiem lake in the centre of Hanoi will definitely make it a poetic evening for you and your loved one, is enhanced by the strange beauty of the sesame fortune flower. The scenery around Hanoi is perfect due to the flower that blooms above the waters and loses its petals in early morning only to colour the waters and ground with magnificent pink and red carpet.

Practical info

When can the vibrant Sesame Fortune Flower in Hanoi be viewed?

The Sesame Fortune Flower's vibrant pink and red colors can be viewed twice yearly from late May to early June and late October to early November. This attractive flower sheds its petals in the early morning, which creates beautiful scenery along the Hoan Kiem lake shores. Show more

What location provides the best view of Vietnam's Sesame Fortune Flower?

You can catch a glimpse of the romantic and elegant Sesame Fortune Flower around Hanoi's Hoan Kiem lake. This pink and red flower provides a beautiful display above the waters, and during the early morning, the flower's petals fall, adding to the dazzling surroundings. Tourists can easily find the lake in the heart of the city. Show more

What differentiates the Sesame Fortune Flower from other flowers found in Vietnam?

Among Vietnam's native flowers, the Sesame Fortune Flower, also known as Lộc Vừng, changes things up by blooming just twice yearly and only emitting a fragrance at night. This color-rich flower, with its brief blooming time and petal fall in the early morning, offers a unique and fascinating experience to visitors. Show more

During what periods does the Sesame Fortune Flower go through its cycles of blooming and petal loss?

The Sesame Fortune Flower goes through two yearly cycles of blooming and petal loss, during late May to early June and late October to early November, in Hanoi. The cycle is relatively short, and just a few days suffice for the flowers to bloom and lose their petals. Within this time frame, tourists enjoy the flower's magic and beauty. Show more

Does the Sesame Fortune Flower have any unique cultural stories or meanings associated with it?

The Sesame Fortune Flower in Hanoi does not have any known cultural significance, but there is an associated lore. Legend has it that the flower bloomed in November when King Le Loi was sailing on Hoan Kiem lake, and its beauty halted his vessel. Since then, the flower has been woven into the lake's folklore, adding an extra layer to its enchantment. Show more

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