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Lotus and Water Lilies at the Kenilworth Aquatic Garden in Washington, D.C.

Washington is said to be a former wetland, so no wonder you can find blooming water flowers

Best time: late June–mid-August

Lotus and Water Lilies at the Kenilworth Aquatic Garden
Lotus and Water Lilies at the Kenilworth Aquatic Garden

Kenilworth Park is as close to wild wetland as you can get in Washington. In the middle of summer, many locals and visitors flock here to see massive blooms of lotus and water lilies. You can come just to observe nature or attend a special Lotus and Water Lilies Festival featuring many cultural and educational exhibits.

Practical info

When is the ideal period to witness lotus and water lilies blooms at Kenilworth Aquatic Garden?

From the end of June to the middle of August, Kenilworth Aquatic Garden bursts with the breathtaking spectacle of blooming lotus and water lilies. As a result, both the locals and tourists often flock to the DC area during this time. The garden is still open if you choose to visit it outside of the flowering season, but you will not be able to see any water flowers. Show more

What is the specific location of Kenilworth Aquatic Garden in Washington, DC?

Kenilworth Aquatic Garden is situated in the north-east area of Washington, DC, and is in proximity to the Kenilworth and Eastland Gardens neighborhoods. The garden’s address is 1550 Anacostia Ave, NE. Commuting to the park is easy since it is bike, bus, metro, and car accessible. On-site parking is available for an additional fee. Show more

Apart from the traditional species, what other water lilies and lotus can visitors see at the park?

Kenilworth Aquatic Garden showcases a variety of water lilies and lotus species beyond the usual ones. Along with the standard lotus and water lilies, visitors can see native American white water lilies, which have big white flowers and represent New York's state flower. Other species include the Western blueflag iris, dragonfly, duck potato, and pickerelweed. Additionally, turtle, egret, and dragonfly sightings are possible at the park. Show more

Is there any cost to visit the Lotus and Water Lilies Festival held at Kenilworth Aquatic Garden?

There is no entrance fee to attend the Lotus and Water Lilies Festival at Kenilworth Aquatic Garden. The festival usually spans one or two weekends in July and features cultural exhibits, entertainment for children and families, and educational displays. Event attendees can take part in workshops on flower arrangement, taste lotus tea, and enjoy performances by Asian dancers and drummers. Show more

What are the other attractions or activities you can easily enjoy after the sightseeing of Kenilworth Aquatic Garden?

After visiting Kenilworth Aquatic Garden, several other attractions and activities in the surrounding area are worth exploring. You can wander through the nearby Anacostia Park, which includes a riverwalk, skatepark, and golf course. The National Arboretum, one of the country's largest botanical gardens, is also within close driving distance. If you are fond of historical places, pay a visit to the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site, which was the legendary writer and African abolitionists residence. Show more

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