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Best season to travel to Barbados


Try delicious conkies with the after-taste of Barbados history


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Conkie is a famous Barbados specialty that is cooked and sold throughout November annually. The dish is a mixture of coconut, spices, local corn flour, pumpkin, eggs, and milk covered in a banana leaf. The wrapped "dumpling" is steamed over boiling water and then is ready to be served.

Bajan conkies are one of the ways Barbados tells the world about its history. This finger-licking dish takes its roots back to 1966. Barbados became independent on November 30, and now this particular month is full of fests to honor the memory of local achievements.

The treat is sold in supermarkets and served in local restaurants in November, so you'll easily find this tongue breaker anywhere across the island. Check out the map below to see available options for your stay in Barbados during the conkie season.

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