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Blossom Season in Haspengouw, Belgium 2025

Pear, apple, and cherry orchards burst into blossoms for one month

Best time: April (unconfirmed)

Blossom Season in Haspengouw
Blossom Season in Haspengouw
Blossom Season in Haspengouw
Blossom Season in Haspengouw

The Haspengouw (or the Hesbaye in French) is a region in Belgium located in the southern part of the Limburg province. What makes it special is an uncountable number of fruit trees that grow all over the area. The Haspengouw is a key player in the Belgian fruit industry as about 75% of fruit originates from this fairly small area. Every spring, when the orchards and gardens are in bloom, the Haspengouw is coloured in white and pink, and a sweet smell is in the air.

Pear trees are the first ones to bloom with flowers appearing in the beginning of April. In approximately 10-14 days, they are followed by apples and cherries. By the third week of April, blooming fruit trees occupy the entire area. However, everything is dependent on the weather in March: if the beginning of spring is sunny and warm, then the trees will bloom earlier and vice versa. The best time to visit the Haspengouw is around April 20th.

The perfect way to explore the area is by bike as you can pass by many villages, small towns, orchards and private gardens in a short time. The area between Sint-Truiden and Borgloon is especially picturesque with hills and vast plains that allow you to fully take in the breathtaking panoramas of the Haspengouw in blossom.

Practical info

When is the best time to view the Haspengouw region's blooms?

April 20th is the main day to visit Haspengouw for its blossom season. The fruit trees spread over a radius from Sint-Truiden to Tongeren and from Borgloon to Kortessem bloom around this time. Pears bloom first at the start of April, followed within two weeks by apples and cherries. However, weather plays a role. If spring begins warm, the trees will bloom earlier, and if spring is cold, the blooming season will start later. Show more

What is the location of the Haspengouw area, and what is its primary feature?

Haspengouw is situated in the south of Limburg province, Belgium. Liège, Flemish Brabant, and Antwerp border it to the north, while Sint-Truiden, Tongeren, Borgloon, and Kortessem shape its boundaries. Famous for its trees, the region is characterized by acres of orchards laden with apples, pears, and cherries. From the area, 75% of Belgium's fruits originate, showing its significance to the country's agriculture Show more

How do fruit trees blossom in the region, and which types of fruit trees grow in Haspengouw?

Due to a combination of three three types of fruit trees grown in this Belgian region - pear, apple, and cherry trees - the orchards of Haspengouw blossom according to a specific sequence. The trees are adorned with white and pink flowers from late March to the second week of April. Pear trees are the first to bloom, then apple and cherry trees follow within two weeks. The blooming period extends to the whole region throughout the third week of April. Show more

How does the weather in March influence the blooming of fruit trees in the region, and what triggers an earlier flowering time?

The weather in March affects the blooming of fruit trees in the Haspengouw region significantly. An earlier blooming season is triggered by warm and sunny weather at the onset of spring, leading to an earlier time to visit Haspengouw's spring flowers. If the beginning of spring is cold and dark with frost, then the blooming season will start later. Springtime warmth helps the buds swell, preparing them for an earlier blooming time. Show more

What is the best mode of transportation for exploring the area during the blooming season, and what is the ideal location for biking?

Biking is the optimal mode of transportation for visiting the Haspengouw region during the blossom season. It is an opportunity to move slowly across vast plains and hills, savor every orchard and private garden, stop at small towns, and fully appreciate the breathtaking panoramas of blooming trees. The stretch between Sint-Truiden and Borgloon is the most picturesque biking route. The hills and plains in this segment are perfect for enjoying the beauty of the region. Show more

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