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Blossom Season in Haspengouw

Pear, apple, and cherry orchards burst into blossoms for one month

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The Haspengouw (or the Hesbaye in French) is a region in Belgium located in the southern part of the Limburg province. What makes it special is an uncountable number of fruit trees that grow all over the area. The Haspengouw is a key player in the Belgian fruit industry as about 75% of fruit originates from this fairly small area. Every spring, when the orchards and gardens are in bloom, the Haspengouw is coloured in white and pink, and a sweet smell is in the air.

Pear trees are the first ones to bloom with flowers appearing in the beginning of April. In approximately 10-14 days, they are followed by apples and cherries. By the third week of April, blooming fruit trees occupy the entire area. However, everything is dependent on the weather in March: if the beginning of spring is sunny and warm, then the trees will bloom earlier and vice versa. The best time to visit the Haspengouw is around April 20th.

The perfect way to explore the area is by bike as you can pass by many villages, small towns, orchards and private gardens in a short time. The area between Sint-Truiden and Borgloon is especially picturesque with hills and vast plains that allow you to fully take in the breathtaking panoramas of the Haspengouw in blossom.

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