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Sea Lavender (Lamsoor) in the Zwin

This plant makes the North Sea coastline and salt marshes of Belgium look alive

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The original name for sea lavender is Limonium vulgare (Lamsoor in Dutch). It is a flower that survives in the saline soils of coastlines. Sea lavender is a salt-tolerant plant that has adapted to absorbing seawater and excreting excess salts. During sunny days, crystals of salt glitter on the bottom of the leaves and make the plant sparkle. The best time to see the blooming flowers is between early July and early August.

In Belgium, the biggest concentration of sea lavender is in the Zwin, a nature reserve on the North Sea near the Belgian-Dutch border. Along the coastline, the vast salt marshes spread far out. The marshes are plains that get flooded by the sea during spring tides and storms. Even though this severe salty environment does not seem to be friendly, sea lavender has found a way to make this environment its home.

You may visit Zwin Natuur Park on your own, or within a private tour along the Belgian coast.

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