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Best season to travel to Belize

Fruit Season

The most delicious reason to visit Belize

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One of the biggest advantages of the tropical climate is the abundance and great variety of fruit. Belize is especially known for its delicious bananas and citrus fruits, which are among its main exports. Due to the warm climate, many fruits are available year-round. However, some exotic fruits can only be tried during the summer season, which lasts approximately from April through September.

Mamey Sapote is in season from April through June. It is one of the most delicious local fruits with orange flesh, which is tender, creamy, and sweet. It is closely related to sapodilla, a different fruit that is reminiscent of pear and is in season during winter.

Soursop, which is in season during August and September, is rarely eaten raw, but popular in ice cream and various desserts. Mango is in season from June through August and is eaten both raw and in various desserts and cocktails. Custard Apple is harvested in the spring. It's very sweet and can be eaten raw with a spoon or in various desserts, for example, with condensed milk.

Dragonfruit, which is harvested in May, is very juicy and has a peculiar sour-sweet taste. Kenep or kinep is another exotic fruit, which is quite popular in Belize and is harvested during summer. It has a very tender pulp, which is especially sweet when it's fully ripe. Unripe fruits might seem sour or tart. Fruit stands are everywhere in Belize, so don't miss your chance to indulge in exotic flavors and aromas of the Caribbean.

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