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Takin Babies

The national animal of Bhutan is a combination of strange and mysterious, but their babies sure are cute!

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When scientists first observed these animals, they couldn't define any existing class to which takin should belong to. So, these animals were nominated with their genus. In fact, when people look at takins, they still try to describe it either as a mixture of a goat and an antelope or even as a "bee-stung moose."

Takins have become the national animal of Bhutan due to an old legend. As one Lama was asked to conduct a miracle, he attached the head of a goat to the body of a cow. Afterwards, this creature was awarded life and called takins.

The best time to observe takins is in February and March when newborn calves start exploring the world.

These animals can be found in many natural reserves across Bhutan, but the most famous spot is Motithang Takins Preserve in the capital of Thimpu. Previously used as a zoo, this location today serves as an enclosed territory for takins.

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