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Gorgeous Bousra Waterfalls in Cambodia

Take a bath in Bousra Waterfalls – one of the major eco-tourism​ attractions in Southeast Asia

Best time: July–October

Gorgeous Bousra Waterfalls

Being a relatively safe place to swim Boursa Waterfall attracts locals and tourists all year round; however the best time to visit attraction is during the wet season when the water is high. This place is a quiet nook of natural Cambodia with spectacular combination of rocks and water so prepare your camera to take some good photos.

Practical info

What is the optimal time to see Bousra Waterfalls?

The best time to see Bousra Waterfalls is the wet season, from July to October. At that time, the falls reach their highest volume and appear most stunning. During a visit, tourists should expect to see the falls with a lot of water to swim and enjoy, as the swamp will be at its peak. Show more

Where is Bousra Waterfalls in Cambodia located?

Bousra Waterfalls is nestled in the south part of Mondulkiri's province, in Cambodia. The natural beauty surrounding the falls is heavenly, encompassed by thick and green tropical jungle. Once tourists reach the nearest parking space, they can stroll through the jungle before arriving at the falls. Show more

What is the situation with regards to visitor safety at the site?

It is regarded as relatively safe to swim at Bousra Waterfalls with no hazardous rapids or strong currents affecting visitors. At the falls, visitors can swim in assigned areas to remain safe; yet, one must be attentive when swimming in a natural water feature to prevent problems and hazards linked with swimming in a body of water. Show more

Are there restrictions put in place for visitors going to the waterfall?

A few regulations exist to ensure the safety and preservation of Bousra Waterfalls. Visitors are encouraged to abide by them. Littering and any acts of destruction are not permitted in the surrounding area, and visitors should respect the natural environment. Also, children should always be under supervision while at the falls. Show more

What are some other eco-tourism sites that can be seen nearby?

Tourists can experience the natural wonders of Cambodia in Mondulkiri province, where other eco-tourism sites like the elephant sanctuary, wildlife refuge, and indigenous tribe villages are located. Treks, camping activities, and other activities are also available that allow tourists to get close to nature's charm. Consequently, for eco-tourists and nature lovers, Mondulkiri is an ideal spot to travel and discover. Show more

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